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Synthetic biology / Promoters - (May/08/2010 )

Dear people,

maybe someone of you is engaged into MIT parts/iGEM or is an expert in synthetic biology and can help me get along?

I'm looking for a promoter that has the same or similar activity that one can expect from the repressed tac promoter?
Maybe someone knows if there is information available about the basal expression from the tac promoter and if this has been characterized already?

Many thanks in advance!



I'll ask around about the detailed question, but you might in the meantime browse the parts collection at:
or more specifically, at


That would be a great thing!

I've used the tac promoter for expression in an genetic circuit but finally realized that it interferes with an application that we are going to use it for. The system works fine when the promoter is unindueced the promoter i'm going to use should have a similar activity to not disrupt the functionality of my device.

Many thanks phage434!