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Eluting from magnetic beads in ChIP. - (May/05/2010 )

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Mighty Mouse on Thu Aug 26 12:31:13 2010 said:

Hi denny,

They do offer the magnetic beads, but only Protein A magnetic beads; as best I can tell they don't offer protein G magnetic beads by themselves for ChIP (only with their magna-ChIP kit). The catalog number for the Protein A beads is 16-661. For what it's worth when I'm dealing with antibodies that bind protein G better than protein A I use the ActivMotif ChIP-it protein G beads. I just slot them into the protocol the same as I do with the protein A beads from Millipore and it seems to work just fine so far.

hope that helps


This's really a great piece of information. I'll try it out. Thanks so much!!


Hi MM,

I stumbled across this thread while hunting for some recipes to make homemade reagents to incorporate into the ChIP kit I am using. I have a quick question:

Do you do SDS elution off your beads AND proteinase K incubation in the same step (62C for 2 hours while shaking)? Any RNase A treatment along with it?

Thank you in advance :) I've read your responses on many threads on this site and they've been very helpful!

-Steph Kyle-
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