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Hepatozyme-SFM and HepG2 - (May/04/2010 )

I have ordered HepG2 cells (from ATCC). According to their manual, after thawing the cells i should be using RPMI 1640 and %10 FBS as a standart culture condition. We have a lot of Hepatozyme-SFM media in the lab and I would like to learn if someone knows or tried anything about cell culture conditions in this media. Is it ok if I try to grow the HepG2 cells in this medium except using RPMI 1640 or DMEM?
I am planning to look for the expression profile in these cells if it's of any help.
Any answer will be highly appreciated :lol:


I can't comment on the use of the hepatozyme medium, but the cells you receive should be thawed in RPMI and then weaned onto the hepatozyme medium gradually, if you wish to use it. Sudden changes in medium composition will kill, or at least damage a lot of cells.