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Which pipette is the best? - (May/04/2010 )

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We use Rainin pipettes in our lab. They are okay but I do like Eppendorf ones better.


We use axygen universal tips!!!


Not sure where you are from, but I have just had several different sorts of pipettes to try out for our lab as we were buying two new sets.

One girl was dead set on Eppendorf pipettes, wouldn't use anything else but at $400 each...... We eventually got them at a good price, so she got what she wanted and they are good, but the small one doesn't fit our Axygen filter tips, we have to buy the Eppendorf ones :(

I am a big fan of Gilsons and since they are no longer under patent anymore, we ended up getting some Gilson rip-offs from Axygen (Axypet) at just over $200 each.

Finn pipettes are good, particularly for students I think, although they feel a bit plasticy. They are quite durable and easy to use. Price-wise they can be just as expensive as an Eppendorf though, depending on what sort of deals you can do with your sales rep.

DON'T buy the CAPP Ecopipette. Another postdoc bought them last year because they were cheap and they are terrible to use and constantly need calibrating.


In my previous lab, we had different suppliers, most of the technicans prefer gilson or eppendorf based on their good ergonomics. – One of my postdocs has his personal set of a dozen eppendorfs – he denies everything else – even the tips must be original, if possible, these fancy eppendorf ones where you don’t lose half of your sample molecules stuck to the plastic surface.
Not exactly the cheap stuff, but as long as the results make us happy, the bills are signed…

You know, when performing experiments worth a few hundred bucks a shot, don’t save the penny on crappy tips, it’s not worth it…

I would suggest: Test the pipettes on your own to find the best one, it’s a personal decision.


I have always liked the Rainin LTS. They are soft and smooth, which is nice for my crippled old hands. :P I have found that the regular Gilsons make my wrists click and get sore if I use them for long periods of time.

I did try a pipetter with a release button on the side. I liked them, but left that lab shortly after I got them so I don't know if they held up to use. They were spendy. I don't remember what brand they were. (sorry if that's not helpful.)

-lab rat-

With you there lab rat; just a couple of weeks ago a rep bought along the Rainin lite touches. I was very impressed. Unfortunately they require the purchase of proprietary tips so I doubt I can justify buying them.


I am a fan of these

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