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ELISA doubts - (Apr/29/2010 )

Hi i need help on ELISA about:

1. I going to use tissue lysate for ELISA, but if i previously use evan blue to stain my tissue, will this affect the ELISA reading?

2. Have u heard about NGF ELISA kit? What brand would you recommend?

3. Most kits i found recommend to use tissue/cell line cultures for NGF detection, because the plasma and sera contain IgG. How does this affect the ELISA performance?

Need your help.



Spike the stain into your calibrators to determine the level that may inhibit the curve.

Manufacturers should be able to provide you with details as to how sera and plasma interfere in their products. You should request information as to their kit performance with interfering substances. Perhaps they have detailed information as to levels / concentrations of sera/plasma/IgG that interfere.