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DNA contamination in RNA samples - (Apr/27/2010 )

Hi guys!
I have isolated RNA from very precious frozen samples by using Trizol, but i have DNA contamination which i found out by using no RT. Is there any DNase treatment protocol i can use to eliminate the DNA from my RNA samples with minimum RNA loss. Thanx.


Certainly, there are plenty of protocols on but it depends on the company protocol as well. I mean the commercial DNase from different companies might have different protocols. My DNase is from Fermentas and it came with a stop solution to stop the reaction after a certain time.

But I don't understand how you figured out you have DNA in your sample. no RT? what is that?

When extracting RNA from Eukaryotic sample you would normally end up with DNA contamination.


I believe epibet is referring to using the RNA as template for RT-PCR. When you do a control without reverse transcriptase (no RT) and your PCR still gives you positive results, it would indicate DNA contamination.