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how to decrease noise in RP-HPLC acetonitrile water method - (Apr/22/2010 )

hi all..
any ideas on the ways to decrease noise in RP-HPLC method.
this is a method using a gradient of acetonitrile and water - both with 0.1% TFA.
i'm using agilent 1200 series system and detector.

are there ways to reduce noise in the method. i need to stick to a shallow gradient of 0.14% acn change/min to get the desired resolution.

wat are the detection system changes that can make a difference?



can you show us a trace of your baseline?

is the noise regular? you could have a bad pump seal (you should see pressure fluctuation). you could be getting noise from the electric line.

irregular? detector lamp could be failing. you could be getting poor mixing of your gradient. are you running the gradient from 0% acetonitrile? if not then you may want to prepare your starting solution with at least 5% acetonitrile, mixing should improve.

your detector may be set too sensitive.