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labeling drugs with FITC - (Apr/20/2010 )


I work with indane drugs which have aromatic rings attached to various groups such as NO2, CN, F, CL etc etc. Id like to investigate how the drugs enter the cells Im using (Caco-2 and THP-1) using fluorescent microscopy; however I need to label the drugs with a fluorophor such as FITC.

Has anyone experience in this area and if so can you tell me if it is a standard and relatively straightforward procedure. Or is it one requiring a lot of money and submission of the drug to a company to attach the tag.

Many thanks.


Pierce - Thermo/Fisher has organic synthesis tech service...for using their conjugation products. I think they should be able to assist you.


FITC will probably be at least as big as your drug, so it may alter your results. Maybe there is smaller compound that you can use if you don't really need the precise spectral properties of FITC. Maybe your compounds themselves are autofluorescent (this would be the best option).