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mir permanent target, - general theory (Apr/19/2010 )


Do you believe that a microrna which target a mRNA in a situation of cell differentiation will still target this mRNA in a tumoral situation let say.
In other words does a mir targets a mRNA just if this one is expressed or is the cell state important? Is a microrna which targets a mRNA in tissue A, still targets this mRNA in tissue B?
Are there factors that inders mir action (stability, expression ect...).

The purpose of this question regards the large amount of research focussing on tumor and mir regulation, can this work be pulled together with others area of mir reseach? True mir target are still scarce aside this kind of research .

This question might be a bit naive but will greatly help me.
thanks In advance for your answers



So long as the miRNA is generated and processed and the downstream degradation pathways are intact, it should be fully functional in any cell as the miRNA is just a short sequence that will bind to the target, just like a primer binds to DNA in PCR.