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Plating for Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations - done in triplicates? (Apr/15/2010 )

Hi all

So I am a PhD student who needs some data from a previous student for my upcoming paper. Basically this former student performed MIC tests (E-test) but she did not do them in triplicates.

Is it really necessary to perform MIC testings in triplicates? I was told that all tests should be done in triplicates but then in this case would one need to select three separate colonies and test them? I personally do not see a point in performing triplicates from the same swab of the same colony.

Thanks so much ;)


The reason for triplicates usually is in case you missed adding something to one of the replicates (e.g. no sample to one well of 96 well plate in a PCR run). I am not familiar with MIC's but there may well be something similar in the process.


That is a very good reason I tend to forget when it comes to thinking why triplicates are needed. I was thinking more along the lines of coming up with an average MIC so that the values can be more precise. Thanks :D