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Best way to do Cal27 growth curve - (Apr/13/2010 )

I need to do a growth curve on some Cal27 and our lab is having a debate on the best way to do it. I was planning on using a 96 well plate and adding the same amount of cells to each well and then trypsinizng and counting the cells with a hemocytometer. The other way would be to use flasks but that would involve many flasks and more media. Any advice is appreciated on the best way to do this.

I come from a bacterial background and mammalian cells are new to me.

-Stuck with Ligation-

96 well plates won't have enough cells in each well for an accurate count of the cells by haemocytometer. I would suggest wells of a 24 or 6 well plate at a minimum if you are going to lift and count.

You could do something like an MTT assay that measures the number of viable cells based on absorbance of a dye compound. All you have to do is make sure that you set up appropriate time points for collection of the data.