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Sample Grinding For DNA extraction - Sample Prep (Apr/09/2010 )

Hi All,

I am looking into a cryomill by Retsch or a Spex 6870 Freezer/Mill. The container that hold the sample are generally Stainless Steel and after grinding could potentially give off trace elements such as Fe, Cr, Ni, Mn, S, Si (<0.02% for Si).

With the exception of Mn affecting chelator concentrations, can anyone comment on the possible downstream effects on PCR or QPCR reactions.

I currently grind in N2 with a mortar and Pestle.



I don't think you will have any problems. BTW what is wrong with just doing a standard lysis and then extracting? if you are just after DNA, you only need a tiny bit of tissue to get DNA out the end.


I am extracting DNA from seed. This seed type is particularly oily.


Good answer... Bead mills are generally used for difficult plant extractions, I guess the one you are talking will work more or less the same as standard ones. I wouldn't be too worried about downstream inhibitors from the mill; most of the inhibitors will come from the seeds.