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PCR additives Formamide - Formamide which one? (Apr/08/2010 )

I was using a 50% formamide from a Sigma Optimization kit II, and it really was beneficial to improve my multiplex PCR.
Running out of this reagents, we decided to use a in house formamide (Highly deionized usually used in sequencing gel) which did not work out...then we ordered 100ml Formamide from Sigma (after consulting the UK and Europe customer service)...and again it was more detrimental to my PCR than anything else.
The EUrope customer service told us that it was the only product available but that it was not the same as in the PCR OPT kit, because it was a deionized formamide!

anybody knows about formamide as an additive to PCR? product out there that are adapted to PCR optimization? where could I find it??

thanks a lot,
any comments, answer to help would be great!


Try DMSO and BSA.... or combination of both.

-adrian kohsf-

hi i have found a supplier here, its formamide designated for PCR:

but i don't know if it works.


Or try 3-6% of a 1M betaine solution (my favorite).


Thanks a lot for that,
I think I migth try it!