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reuse electroporation cuvette? - (Apr/07/2010 )

is it possible to reuse the cuvette if there is a crack on it? How to know whether the cuvette is not reusable?


Where is the crack? I would chuck it, as you would not be able to clean the crack sufficiently and it would be a source of contamination.

I reuse my electroporation cuvettes twice (so three total uses), washing with 70% EtOH once and then nuclease free water 10 times to remove any contaminating bacteria or DNA. I have not had any problems at all doing it this way.


i'm just assuming my cuvette has crack. til now none of my electroporation is succeed.


Try a new cuvette -- if your electroporation still doesn't work, it's not the cuvette causing your difficulties...


now i'm out of new cuvette, i'm still waiting for the shipment.