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PCR Master mix - (Apr/07/2010 )


I am working on population genotyping for a certain polymorphism. Since there are many samples, I am trying to make things as quick and easy as possible. So first I am preparing a master mix. I just wonder if it's ok to prepare a master mix that contains the primers as long as Taq is not included.

The master mix I am preparing will also be 1X meaning that I will just divide the prepared mastermix into 45 ul aliquots and just add the template DNA and Taq. So the master mix would contain the same concentration of dNTP ,PCR buffer and primers as the final PCR reaction.

The master mix in itself will be divided into few aliquots. These aliquots are expected to be used in less than 15 days. The aliquots will be stored at -20.

Also , my PCR includes 5 % DMSO , is it ok to be incorporated into the mastermix with the other ingredients ?

Thank you in advance.


I have repeadedly stored ready for use aliquots (19 L) of MM containg taq for up to a week at -20C and never had any problems.