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Biorad Quantity One software - (Apr/05/2010 )

I use BioRad Quantity One before to calculate band density. At that time, we scanned the film with their scanner.
Now, we have software, but donot have Biorad scanner.
Who knows how to convert picture formate for example JPEG, TIFF to the formate that Quantity one recognize?


not knowing what format is required by quantity one i can only guess that you can use "graphic converter" for the mac or pc (different developers).


Quantity one uses files of the format *.1sc ...there is a software available from GE (former Amersham) that might do the job as well and as far as i remember works with jpeg or tif, called ImageQuant.



Quantity1 will recognise .TIFF format files for densitometry work, however the answer will be in pixels/area rather than the .1sc equivalent (which is probably also pixels per area, given the limitations of digital software).