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How is this idea sounds to you? - A new approach for rapid sample preparation for PCR (Apr/02/2010 )

Dear All,

I had recently came out with an idea about a rapid sample preparation (works for bacteria) for PCR. From starting material in broth media to "ready to load" into PCR master mix, it took only estimate 10 minutes working time (assay time 5 minutes, working time 3-5 minutes depends on your hand). I had tried it with my samples (up to 60+) and all of it turn out to work.

Based on our settings, compare with boiling method (which we believe to be the fastest and easiest), it does not shows smears in PCR bands. Besides, the sample are stable for long term storage (tried half year old prepared sample without noticeable reduction in PCR yield through agarose gel-visualization). It also does allows PCR up to 3kb bases (for time being) seems to be possible, but not for boiling method (in my case).

This method also overcome the shortcoming of colony pcr(tip touch) where fresh cultures need to be use, and avoid the tip swirling which might create bubbles in pcr tubes.

Of course, I was wondering whether such idea is publishable. Have any of you came across of such similar publications or methods?
How do you think?

Thank you


-adrian kohsf-

hi adrian,

i don't work with bacterial cultures so wouldn't be able to tell you if there's something similar but i think the best way to decide whether to write it for publication is to do a quick search on pubmed / scopus / highwire and if you find nothing then go for it!

good luck.