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How to make an isotonic solution for h9c2 cells - (Mar/22/2010 )

Hello I am working on H9C2 cells. for tested group, cells will be placed in an hypotonic balanced salt solution consisting of 1.3 mmol/L CaCl2, 5 mmol/L KCl, 0.3 mmol/L KH2PO4,0.5 mmol/L MgCl2, 0.4 mmol/L MgSO4, 69 mmol/L NaCl, 4 mmol/L NaHCO3, and 0.3 mmol/L Na2HPO4 without glucose or serum.
For control group, cells must be be placed in an isotonic balanced salt solution, how can I make that solution from the previously mentioned salts (CaCl2-KCl-KH2PO4-MgCl2-MgSO4-NaCl-NaHCO3-Na2HPO4).
Or should I just use HBSS for control group? Don't you think this can interfer with the results?
Thank you !


It appears you have some PBS as your base components for the buffer. I would probably just use PBS, with Mg and Ca added.


Okay , thank you man for the answer !
Another friend suggested me to use HBSS, so I will see which one is better, thank you again :)