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What are "Ella-cre" mice? - (Mar/21/2010 )


I'm reading an article where they engineer knockin transgenic mice.

At one step they inserted a DNA sequence containing Neomycin-resistance into a replacement vector. Then they injected this knockin vector to embryonic stem cells, then they injected these into mouse blastocyst. Fine so far.

Then, they cross-bred these new mice with Ella-cre mice in order to get rid of the Neo-resistance cassette.

OK, I understand this but I want to know what are these "Ella-cre" mice? I searched around and couldn't find.



have a look for cre-lox system.


E2A-Cre mouse express Cre from oozyte stage onwards, and in all cell types. It is thus used to achieve recombination in all cells (Deleter-Cre).