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Can anybody help me with miRanda tool for miRNA prediction - (Mar/19/2010 )

I downloaded MiRanda Algorithm Source Distributions (version 1.9)on ubuntu 8.10 but when making the installation by written the command (make install), there is an error which as the following:
Cannot create regular file/usr/local/man/man1/
miranda:permission denied
make<3>:leaving directory/home/liali/programs/miRanda-1.9/man
make<2>:leaving directory/home/liali/programs/miRanda-1.9/mRanda
make<1>:leaving directory/home/liali/programs/miRanda-1.9/man
liali@liali-laptop: /programs/miRanda-1.9

How I can solve this problem, please?
Also I need to know if it is available in miRanda to search with more than one miRNA or I need to make perl script to list all miRNA which include in my research.


apparently you don't have permission writing to the directory /usr/local/man/man1/. You can either change the permission of that directory or edit the configure file to specify a different location.

miRanda allows you to query many miRs against many mRNAs.