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DMSO killing more cells at lower concentrations - (Mar/15/2010 )

Hi there, I am currently treating cells with drug dissolved in DMSO. When treating with corresponding serial dilutions of DMSO, I am consistently getting higher cell death in cells treated with lower DMSO vs higher amounts of DMSO. Does anyone have any reasons why this is happening? Thanks


Hi Canpat,

Your simple question can have a very complex answer, with limited information, it is no way to have a definate answer, but "how high" concentration is high?? In my experience I always keep my DMSO at 2% (v/v) level no matter of the dilution. At low level of treatment sometimes does have a lower cell death then the negative control (DMSO), I guess you can try to expend your concentration range to a higher level to see what happen.

Or your drug might prevent cell death?! Good luck!