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Beta carbonic anhydrase - (Mar/12/2010 )

Beta carbonic anhydrase in plants is used to convert carbon dioxide to bicarbonate ions. Why exactly that the plants need to convert carbon dioxide to bicarbonate? For transportation? why do they need to transport carbon dioxide in the form of bicarbonate ions? But I really dont understand why carbon dioxide is needed to convert to bicarbonate ions, as carbon dioxide is constantly supplied.

Would be grateful if anyone replies.
Thank You. :huh:


CO2 won't dissolve as CO2, it will only go in as bicarbonate. The plant needs CO2, therefore it catalyses the reaction rather than waiting for it to dissolve naturally.



Carbon dioxide can be transported either as such or its carried as bicarbonate into the cell. Inside of the cell, it is converted again to CO2, to be fixed by RuBisco....