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essay about scientific interest - (Mar/05/2010 )

I need to write one essay about the scientific interest. I need suggestions form people here how to organize it. I want to be original.

1) title I can guess like.... 'Membrane protein',,,,,,,'Induced pluripotency',,,,,,,,,,,,,'Friendly Virus'.

2) length supposed to be 1500 to 2000 words.

what advice you can give me for this, what recepie should I cook, how should I proceed.




im sorry. that blows


well you could write a review on about the the expression of Sox2, Oct4, Klf4, which together can induce somatic cells to become stem cell. These three genes were introduced into the host cell as a cassette using a virus.

A search on pubmed should get you a bunch of papers and reviews about work using Sox2, Oct4, Klf4 to nduced pluripotency.