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Good tool for sequence validation? - For Windows (Mar/03/2010 )

Hi there,

Can anyone recommend a good (and ideally free) tool for sequence verification, i.e. to check whether the sequencing results for my cloned plasmids are correct? Of course it's just a simple alignment in principle, but maybe there are programs with a nice workflow if you"ve got a lot of sequences to check. We use MacVector in the lab, but I'm using a PC at home so MacVector obviously doesn't work.




I'm a big fan of Codon Code Aligner. You can align consecutive .abi or .seq files to your target sequence, mask matching nucleotides and check raw data directly. The full trial version runs for 30 days, after that you'd get one version where you can't save or print (but this is also free, and I have mine since 4 years now). I always make a screenshot...




I use sequencher 4.8

it gives restriction site, codon map etc, easy to align. demo version but i still like it.

also 4 years of great experience with it.

my first ever sequencing software and still one of my favorite