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lifespan of primary cells in vitro - how long can different cell types survive (Mar/01/2010 )

Hi all, I have a question i hope some users can help me with.

I have done some experiments on primary ovarian cells isolated from mice and have established that they are viable for approx 20 days in vitro

My supervisor wants me to compare this with a couple of other primary cells, preferably a long lived cell and maybe a shorter lived celll than the primary ovarian cells, taht i can ref my work to.

Does anybody know of any published work that states the survial of any primary cell type in vitro, it does not matter if they are murine cells but if they were it would be great. Even if some of the forums users had info on their own cells and could direct me to one of their publications that the information is in.

I have looked through the publication data bases and have had no luck finding out this information, so if anybody could help i would be very grateful

Many thanks, Cotchy.


We have cultured primary neurons for 4-5 weeks. They look fine at least till week 4.


I have cultured follicular dendritic cells from lymph nodes, and they typically last 10-15 passages. They grow very slowly--about 2 weeks to confluence--and are viable for some time (>6 weeks post-confluence).

However, I have found that a few of our cell lines have lasted much longer than 15 passages. They were kept in LN2 for a few years before I pulled them out again, so they may have been contaminated by some virus.

-lab rat-

Hi Lab rat and Scolix by any chance do you have any papers that say this?

as i would need to reference this both have impressive survival times as primary cells,

Or is there any papers that you used to isolate these cells that might have their survival time on them?

thanks for your help.