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measuring apoptosis - reduced cell proliferation due to apoptosis (Feb/28/2010 )


My gene of interest results in reduced growth rate compared to non-transfced parental cell line. Furthermore, transient transfection of my gene resukts in enhanced cleaved PARP.

I want to study if teh reduced cell proliferation is due to apoptpsis, what would be teh best way to approach this?

I'm thinking of using Caspase Inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK. Has anyone used this? Also, this kit inhibits caspas but the user has to carry out standard apoptosis assay to measure the level of aopotosis. I;m not not what approach to take?

Any ideas would be welcomed.
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you are right, an apoptosis assay kit would do. you could look at different stages of apoptosis also. There are different assays kits for these also.