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Different values of the same sample in ELISA - (Feb/25/2010 )


Does anybody know how can I use the results of two different plates in an ELISA test. I immunized mice with my recombinant protein and I used ELISA to detect IgG antibodies againt my recombinant protein. For this assay, I had to use two plates and I put a positive control serum in both plates. The O.D. of one plate (control serum) was 0,72 and the other one was 0,85. How can I use the results of the two plates, considerating that they have different O.D of the control serum. Is there a method for correcting the value of the positive control of different plates?

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You would have had to run 2-3 points of the dose response curve on the second plate. Then you would have been able to adjust the values based on any shift observed in the curve.

Alternatively, if you ran replicates of any of the samples which have values over a wide range of the curve you could do a comparison plot and adjust the values based on slope and intercept.

can others comment?