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Neon Transfection System - (Feb/23/2010 )

Hello, we think of acquiring soon a new transfection system from invitrogen, the Neon. This device have an electrode in the tip, increasing the rate of viability of cells and the % of transfection. The problem is that tips are expensive ($1200 for 96 tips). I wondered if it has had somebody there who uses this device or simply to give me your opinion, because I would like to know why cannot we reuse tips more than 2X and the tube more than 10X? Isn't it possible to re-sterilize the material with gas or in the autoclave and to eliminate the DNA contaminating with DNAse, what would allow to use them most as we can. Is it because it would damage electrodes, because the reason which the company gives me is the risk of contamination. Thanks for the answer!


Rinse in 1 M HCl for a few minutes, followed by DI water washes. I don't think there is a reason to avoid reuse based on contamination. The HCl may eventually etch the electrodes.