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Pipette tips for gel electrophoresis? - (Feb/23/2010 )

Hi guys,

I got a question regarding on loading PCR products into gel.
I have been using filter tips for all PCR preps (from preparing master mix to PCR to gel electrophoresis)
and would like to lower the expenses as filter tips r more expensive than ordinary pipette tips

I am wondering whether would it be alright to use ordinary pipette tips to load PCR prodcuts into the agarose gel seeing that there will be no amplifications taking place during gel electrophoresis. Would it contaminate my PCR products? I usually keep my PCR products in the freezer -20C just as a precaution if I needed to re-gel.

Im relatively new to PCR, thus any advices are greatly appreciated.

Sorry if this question has been asked

Thanks heaps!

-Square Pig-

Hi, you really needn't worry about using pippet tip without filter. It's always safe if there's no wrong about your manipunation. I preffer to add real time PCR sample with ordinary tips instead of the ones with filter. Pay attention to the correct use of pippets.


I agree that you can use regular tips for all the PCR steps, just either buy them racked or rack them with gloves on - we only use filter tips for real time.


Thanks guys!
Did not know that I could use ordinary tips for all steps~this will definitely lower my cost

Thanks a lot!

-Square Pig-

You can contaminate your PCR (false positives) if you use standard tips... However, if you are running appropriate controls and OK with pipetting, you should be fine to use standard tips. If you are really concerned, keep a separate set of pipettes for setting up PCR and a set for gels.