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consumables funding - grants for consumables only (Feb/23/2010 )


I wonder if anyone can help me. I am wanting to apply for consumables money for a small pilot project. I don't need a salary, just the money for consumables. Does anyone know of any funding bodies that offer such grants?

It's for help with costs looking at normal developmental processes in the breast, hopefully with implications for breast cancer.

I'm a post-doc, not a clinician (it seems if i were I'd have loads of places to apply).

Thanks in advance


where are you working??? Funding available depends on your institution and country!


I'm in the UK. In Cambridge.


sorry, I donot know the funding landscape in the UK. Here in Austria there are small funds (up to 10000) available at the Universty although only once a year. Here you can hand in small projects at the National funding Agency, or depending on the money needed at companies etc. Probably you should check this with your project office???