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How to get consistent bacterial growth - (Feb/19/2010 )

Hi all,

I have a problem with growing a strain of P.aeruginosa. They seem not to survive long on agar plate. So I can't get them grow consistently in liquid medium with colonies picked from the same plate but at different days.
I'm thinking of making a glycerol stock of them, constructing a growth curve from that, and streaking on a fresh plate every time I want to start an experiment.

The starting point of each experiment is bacteria growing in liquid medium at log phase. So, to save some time and plates (as sometimes my streaking techniques can't get single colonies), can I simply just inoculate right away with the loop scraping on the glycerol stock?

Thank you,



Some organisms simply die on petri dishes stored at 4C, so a glycerol stock may be the way to go.