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Commercially available HeLa Cytoplasmic Lysate - In vitro translation (Feb/02/2010 )


Do You have any informations about Commercially available HeLa Cytoplasmic Lysate for in vitro translation? There are many available HeLa lysates but only for EMSA, Western blotting etc.

I want to buy such lysate and use it for in vitro translation

(i know that I can prepare it but this takes time)

Best regards



depends what you want to do with the lysate. these lysates must be extracted using mild detergents or just Dounce homogeniser with a hypotonic buffer. But it should be ok whatever the cell lysis method is....don't worry

some proteins change their conformation in different detergents. it really depends....CHAPS buffer saves conformation of many proteins....Tween 20 is also mild....but RIPA would extract everything in the cells and is not suitable for cytoplasmic extraction.

I think Abcam has HeLa lysates. buy from there.


Thank you for replay

I think that I just ask someone from Abcam