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pRL-TK as primary Vector ? - (Feb/02/2010 )


I only Have the pRL-TK vector, can I use it as the primary vector and insert a 3' UTR of my gene
with xbaI to it , OR I have to use pGL3 ?

thanks ...


pRL-tk can be used as a primary reporter, but the vector may be somewhat difficult to clone into since it is not really a desinged for this. Just keep in mind that you will need to use Renilla luciferase assay chemistry (unless you co-transfect a firefly luciferase control, in which case Dual-Lucferase assays can be used).

We recently did release a vecor called pmirGLO which uses firefly luciferase as a primary reporter and has a true multiple cloning site for 3'-UTR insertion. It also has a Renilla/neomycin co-reporter that allows the creation of a stable cell line. This may be of interest if you decide not to use pRL-tk.