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Invasion assay using matrigel- cell clumps - (Jan/29/2010 )


I'm trying to do some invasion assay using transwells coated with matrigel and it's not going really well. I dilute the matrigel in a-MEM (50-50), then I put 40ul per transwell (in 24wells plates) and put them in the incubator to solidify. My issue is than when I plate my cells on the matrigel, they really clump a lot. I have almost no cells attached alone and strange shapes of huge cell clumps ( forming a line for example).
Did anyone ever had this problem or any suggestion to make it work?

Thanks a lot!


Hi what cell line are yo working with? maybe it is because of their characters, not Matrigel.
I have seen like this problem with one of our friends before. He used matrigel and his cells didnt attached unless he used matrigel. he tried alot like keeping trypsin on them as he passaged them....
but he couldnt, I hope you can.
Sorry it was all I could say.