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Please help--possible bacteria issue--cholesterol + red blood cells involved - (Jan/28/2010 )

I am looking for some help and advice. I am currently in poor health and have been for some time. I have had various labs done during the past few months and they have shown a low cholesterol level (total 99) and anemia on alot of tests. My iron saturation is low and I have an elevated reticlyte count which means my red bloods cell are destroyed more quickly than normal.

I just came across information about certain bacteria that target cholesterol and also destroy red blood cells and this may impact my situation. I should not have low cholesterol to begin with as it not inherited from my family or because of my diet, because I eat alot of well balanced foods and are currently overweight at 300 pounds, so if anything my cholesterol should be sky high.

I looked into the issue a little and it seems there a pore forming bacteria and cholesterol dependent cytolysin bacteria that can mess with cholesterol and RBC's.

My question to you is, what type of Doctor should I try to see about this? An infectious disease doctor I am think, not sure?

And what kinds of tests can I run to find out if some strain of bacteria is affecting my cholesterol and RBC's. I am going to a digestive function tests with a company like Genova or Metametrix soon, but this might not show it. I am actually searching for things I can asking a Doctor to test me for to check for these kinds of bacteria. Like maybe of spit (sputnam) test or some type of blood tests or blood stain test. Not really sure at all here.

If you can think of anything else that might help, please let me know. I have been seeing Doctors for the last nine months with no progress yet. Thank you.


You should have report to infectious disease doctor, inform your doctor about your working experience in lab, and possible do a blood culture.

What sort of organism you working with during your tenure in lab?
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