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Water for electrocompetent cells - (Jan/26/2010 )


This is just a brief question. I think I read somewhere in the BioForum that it is better to use normal distilled autoclaved water for making electrocompetent E. coli cells, rather that MilliQ autoclaved water. Is it true? What is the reason for this?
Does it really work better in the case of E. coli DH10B?

(I can`t find the topic in which somebody mention somenthing like this, so sorry for repeating)

Thanks in advance!


It might not be important to use very high quality water, but it is certainly not a problem. If it did make a difference, you would want to find out why and explicitly add whatever improved things to high quality water, rather than rely on the impurities that happen to be found in your particular still. This sounds apocryphal.


Ok, thanks!