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Centrifuge after lysing - (Jan/23/2010 )

I have seen in many protocols what samples will be centrifuged after they are lysed. What is the purpose of this? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere!


to pull down the chunks of un-dissolved and insoluble material left behind from the cells lysing. If left in suspension, it will make aliquoting and pipetting of your samples difficult.


bob1 on Jan 25 2010, 10:34 AM said:

... chunks of un-dissolved and insoluble material ...

Good to see your grasp on the finer points of technical language is still up there, bob :D :lol:



Just trying to be the common person these days ;)


hi, i use a very strong sds to lyse my cells and i usually do not centrifuge. and it works well as my target proteins is inside the nucleus. Any account for that?


IF it works, then there probably isn't a problem. You may find that your cultures have a few lumps of stuff in them occasionally that makes pipetting hard.