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Suggestion for 2nd Generation Lentiviral packaging system - Tat-dependent system for use with pGIPZ constructs from Open Biosystem (Jan/21/2010 )


Does anyone have a suggestion for a second generation tat-dependent lentiviral packaging system where each of the packaging plasmids are supplied in individual stocks so they can be continuously grown up?

I purchased some shRNAs from Open Biosystems and they happen to be in the pGIPZ vector which is not compatible with third-generation packaging systems like Invitrogen's ViraPower that we use in our lab.

Open Biosystems has their own packaging system that they recommend (of course), but the plasmids come as a proprietary mixture in a single tube. They want over $900 for 10 reactions which is ridiculous.

I'm trying to figure out if I can cheaply procure a second generation system that I can propagate....if not, I might just have to reorder new shRNAs that are in a different vector.



Check Addgene. They have a number of lentiviral packaging plasmids at relatively low cost.