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Mouse rho(0) cells - Where from can i get them? (Jan/20/2010 )

Hello Scientists,

we tried to produce a rho zero cell line (i.e. without mtDNA). Our Problem is now, that we didn't have any success... We tried to do it with Et-Bromide and ddC as well. But it seems like they developed a resistance to these agents. I then was looking at several places to find a possibility to order some lines like this, but did not find anything. It's important that they are from mouse, anything else doesnt matter.

Any clues? Please help if you have some or know somebody who has some or if you know somebody who know somebody ...

Thanks a lot

-cell the truth-

have you tried the ATCC?


yes, we tried it. no cell lines available for our interests... seems like we have to produce them ourself.

thx anyway!

-cell the truth-