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some Q's about dna microarray - (Jan/19/2010 )

hello i am a complete beginner to microarray and had a few questions for those familiar with it:
1) how many replicate arrays per sample?
2) only one rna sample is bound to each microarray, is that correct?
3) one color/two color ==> what is the difference?
4) how many arrays are used in a typical experiment?

thank you!!


-prof. moriarty-

this is an oligonucleotide array, by the way. how are oligo arrays different from other types of arrays?

-prof. moriarty-

1) normally you do 3 biological replicates and 2 technical replicates per sample (dye swap)

2) one sample per slide + one reference per slide

3) normally you have 2 color arrays (dy3/dy5) one dye is attached to the sample cDNA the other two the reference cDNA, normally you performe a dye swap as well

4) depends on how many samples you want to compare?