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Ni Sepharose High Performance - possible without ─KTAdesign? (Jan/18/2010 )

Ok, another really stupid question... but can you use Ni Sepharose High Performance (GE Healthcare) WITHOUT an automated puritification system such as ─KTAdesign and just use normal columns? We somehow have this Ni Sepharose High Performance stuff and no any kind of machine... yet our boss keeps saying that we can use it for protein purification. None in the new and young lab has ever even purified protein (I have once without a kit) and now we are supposed to modify the protocols :D or I'm supposed to make it work... and did I mention, I'm doing my master's thesis without any help ;) I don't know why we have this instead of HisGraviTrap, but like I said... I'm just a student ;)


yes, you can. you can set up a "gravity" flow (actually a siphon) system (you can look it up in the gel filtration manual from ge healthcare, if you can't get it yourself then i can upload it from work).