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IFU, MOI, lentiviral vectors - (Jan/15/2010 )

Hi all,
I would like to transduce my cells with lentivirus coding GFP. So letís assume I have a copGFP lentiviral particles bought from SantaCruz (sc-108084), they sell ready to use particles at 10^6 IFU. So assuming I need 2 MOI to infect my cells, 10^6 IFU is enough to infect 5*10^5 cells. Is this correct? The problem is that according to supplier it is enough to make 10-20 transductions, but in this case it is only for 5*10^4 cells/transduction. Are my calculations ok?


If you need MOI of 1, then for 500000 cells use similar IFU. If the titres are not functional numbers then, you will need more particles to infect same number of cells.