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how to get rabbit antibody for Western blotting - (Jan/14/2010 )

Hi all,

I do my research about cytokine gene expression in rabbit.
After all, there are some results can be believe that it will decrease cytokine gene expression

Therefore, I would like to re-check this result by perform western blotting.
The issue is none of the anti-rabbit antibody for TNF-alpha, IL-1, can be found from antibody company such as Abcam.

Would you please give me any suggestion about the company that sell antibody rabbits cytokine (eg. IL-1, IL-10, TNF-alpha, interferin-gamma) or how can I get it?

Thank you very much for all suggestions.


How conserved are these genes? If reasonably conserved, there is a good chance the epitope will work in rabbit. BTW, you need a mouse or goat Ab.

Many of the antibody suppliers run a service for finding antibodies if they do not have it themselves... ABDserotec has a good one at


Thank you bob1 for good suggestion.
I think it help me to get the antibodies fast so I will try it first.

If there are any ideas or knowing about the supplier, please inform me.