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low dead volume - (Jan/13/2010 )

Hi all,

What is the meaning of low dead volume particularly in the assay using micrititer plate. Than you


low dead volume is a term usually used in chromatography. it refers to the volume of mobile phase in the tubing between the high pressure mixer (or the pump if you use low pressure mixing) and the column. it is more important in gradient separations than in isocratic separations.

i can't imagine what it may mean for an assay in a microtiter plate, unless it is referring to an automated system and the tubing used to transport solutions to the plate, in which case it would be similar in meaning to chromatography.
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It could mean the empty space above the liquid in a well?



yes is an automated I understand..Thank you


In a automated system the dead volume is the volume of sample that not can be picked up by the sample tip.
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I am working on an ELISA automation system where the entire ELISA process is automated. I want to find the dead volume by making use of the automated pipetting channels. What is the best method which I can follow?
Randomly put certain amount of liquid into the troughs and aspirate as much as possible? Somebody please give me an idea


Assuming that the system is provided with a liquid detection system put a known volume (500 ul) in a sampletube and let the system sample a small volume (25 ul) into another tube and count the cycles it can do before the detecting system tells there is not enough sample anymore. Than the remaining sample is easy calculated.