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Antibody stability if left out at RT over Xmas break? - (Jan/13/2010 )

Does anybody know if antibodies used for cell staining (they have a bound dye and are in PBS and 0.09% azide) will be stable if someone left them out at room temperature for 3 weeks (over Xmas vacation- hehe?). They were in a darkened bottle on a box, but at RT instead of 4 C like they should have been. I was wondering if anybody had any anecdotal observations about this for me to pass on.


try them on a non-precious sample.


I would toss them and get a new batch.
In my experience, you will have a problem explaining your findings. Even if they work, the accuracy and accountability of the AB are compromised.
Using them after all, in my mind, is just bad science.


molgen on Jan 19 2010, 04:39 AM said:

Using them after all, in my mind, is just bad science.

not necessarily. most antibodies are very stable. they remain active after long incubations at temperatures of 37C and higher, so they may remain active after remaining at room temperature for a period of time (as long as nothing is growing in the solution).

so, the best thing to do (especially if they were expensive) is determine if the antibody solution is still reasonably active.


yeahi agree.... if the purpose is just identity it can still be tested for performance.. and usually antibodies get spoiled easily only if they are freeze thawed many times... but if they were at a constant room temperature... it can still work fine!!!

-Pradeep Iyer-

Agreed with morgen.. i would get a new batch..