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preparing uric acid solution - (Jan/13/2010 )


Has anyone used uric acid before. I am looking for peroxynitrite scavenger and came across uric acid in many articles. The MSDS says it is not soluble in water. Does anyone know how to solubilize uric acid or suggest other peroxynitrite scavenger.

Thank you


according to the merck index, 9th edition, uric acid is soluble in water (1 gm in 15,000 parts cold, 2000 parts boiling), glycerol, solutions of alkali hydroxides and their carbonates, sodium acetate and sodium phosphate.


Uric acid stock standard solution (100 mg/L) useful also for peroxynitrite assay: put 100 mg/L of uric acid in 1 liter volumetric flask, add about 90 ml dH2O, and then pipette 100 µl of 0.6 N NaOH to help dissolve the uric acid. Make up to the volume with dH2O when uric acid is fully dissolved. For use, dilute the stock solution to give working concentrations of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 mg/L. Store each working standards as small aliquots in the freezer. Only the necessary quantities are thawed and that unused must be discarded. This ensures that fresh standards are used for each analysis run.

-Zagami Francesco-