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Lab permanent marker - (Jan/12/2010 )


We want to order some good quality permanent markers for plastic tubes (possibly freezed&covered with condensate).

In addition - we want this markers not to have a vendor logo on their surface since we want to make a logo ourselves :o

May be you could tell me, where I can buy it?


nalge-nunc sells the cryomarker.

it has a fine point that is perfect for writing on tubes and is permanent (or, as permanent as any other).

they also have their cryoware marker set.


We use Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip markers, available in ordinary office supply stores. I don't know if they are available to be customized, but they are cheaper and as good or better than the "lab marker" markers.


We also use Sharpies, and I know you can have them customised because I have one on my desk with Sharpie etc on the one side and a company name and logo on the other :blink: