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Gateway and Entry Vectors. - (Jan/08/2010 )

Hi I a currently a first year PhD. student so forgive me if this is not descriptive enough.

I am trying to create artifical RNAi's for Arabidopsis Rab genes. I have sequences and and have sent for them to be snytheised. The company which will do this is putting the sequence into the pUC57 plasmid. From this I wish to put the sequence into a gateway vector. My question is, will I need to first put the sequence into an entry vector, or can I put the sequence directly from the pUC57 into a gateway vector.

The plasmid is as follows:

The gateway vector being used is the p*7GWIWG2(II)

Many thanks



I have cloned directly into gateway vectors provided the vectors had the right sites. Also its helpful to clone into entry vector as these plasmids have more sites for cloning. Have a look at both the vectors and decide.