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96-well partitioned (not bottom) reservoirs? - (Jan/08/2010 )

Hi Everyone.

I'm doing a number of dose response studies using multiple treatments replicated on multiple plates. What I'm trying to find is a sterile 96-well partitioned reservoir with a single well capacity of about 1 mL or higher. We have one in the lab. However no one has any idea where it came from or who manufactured it. Would anyone know of a vendor which carries such a item? The reservoir we have in the lab has the standard length and width of a 96-well plate but measures about 2.5-3 inches high. The individual wells are actually removable (not necessary) but it looks like the plate itself can be reloaded with more sterile wells each with about a 1mL capacity. Any ideas?

It may not even be called a reservoir, but I'm not sure what else it may be.



Nunc 96 DeepWell (1 mL) Plates -
Nunc 1.3 & 2.0 mL DeepWell Plates -