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How to know in which exon a primer match? - (Jan/07/2010 )

Dear all,

I am a beginner in RT-qPCR. And I have a simple question. When you have a couple of primer or at least, one primer, how do you proceed to know in which exon your primer matches?

I have a primer sequence that match on the gene of interest (BLAST results from ncbi). From here, OK. Then I click on the "gene ID" from the accession number, I get the FASTA from my gene on interest, OK! But How can I know in which exon of this gene my primer matches? (i.e. this primer fit on the exon n6 from the gene A between 1245 and 1265).

I do not know if I am clear.

Thank you for your answers!!



For your question, Primer-check is what you need at